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Don’t Worry What Others Think

Don’t Worry What Others Think

Don't Worry What Others Think

Learning to care more about your own health rather than what others think is a total game changer.

It ?????? is.⁣⁣

I know it’s easier said than done.⁣

⁣But ?????? ????????…⁣⁣

you do ??? need anyone’s approval to eat in whatever way that helps you live your best life,⁣⁣

and⁣⁣ not everyone is going to understand or be supportive,⁣⁣


???? ?? ????.

⁣⁣I know many people in my life who have thyroid conditions and Hashimoto’s, like me.⁣⁣

Guess how many of those people eat the way I do???⁣⁣


Well, actually…

one eats pretty similar to me now, but not until recently.⁣⁣

I worried what they all thought of me.

⁣⁣I wondered if they thought “well, I have Hashimoto’s too, and I can eat whatever…

what is Shanna’s problem?!”⁣⁣

That line of thinking got me nowhere I wanted to be.⁣⁣

And the truth is, what others think of me is ???? of my business.⁣⁣

What matters most to me is what my Father in Heaven thinks of me,⁣⁣

and what I think of me.

⁣⁣I know me.⁣⁣

I know my body.⁣⁣

I know how sick I felt at my rock bottom.⁣

⁣I know I did what I needed to do to feel better.⁣⁣

I know I keep doing what I need to do to find joy and live my best life with autoimmunity.⁣⁣

And I am proud of myself.⁣⁣

I hope you are proud of yourself too.

⁣⁣I hope you recognize that you know your body best.⁣

⁣I hope you are doing what you need to do to feel your best, whatever that looks like.

⁣⁣Last but not least, I hope you know you are not alone.⁣

⁣This whole learning to live well with autoimmunity thing is tough stuff and can feel oh so lonely.⁣

⁣I feel you.⁣⁣

And I am sending you so much love and support.⁣⁣

You soooooo got this!!

PS – Here’s one more reminder in case you need it…don’t worry what others think, it’s none of your business anyway.  😉


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