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I don’t know about you, but years of undiagnosed health struggles and my autoimmune disease left its mark on my marriage, and took a toll on my family life. 

 That’s WAY too high a price to pay! 

My husband (of 19 years), my children (12 and 14), and my family relationships are incredibly near and dear to my heart, so I now intentionally find ways that my autoimmune disease can strengthen my marriage and family.   

I choose to believe my autoimmune disease is happening FOR me, not to me. 

It is not easy.  Autoimmunity can tear away our self-confidence, and leave us questioning our worth.  Don’t you dare doubt your strength and the power of your love and example! 

YOU are EXACTLY who your husband and children need and love! 

Your husband LOVES you and adores you.  He may not understand what’s going on, and may not communicate well.  Try to remember he has to watch as the person he loves most in this world struggles every day with illness.   

To make matters worse, he cannot fix it.  He is devastated he cannot save you from this.  Your husband wants to be your hero.  He is most likely torn up inside that he cannot.   

Love him through it, be patient with him, ask him for help with specific things, and let him hold you as often as possible. 

 You are EXACTLY the kind of mama your children need!  Avoid the trap of comparing yourself to other moms.  See the incredible opportunity in front of you… 

 You can model for your children in real time what it looks like to rebuild your life into something beautiful!  

You can show them, “THIS is what you do when you are facing a mountain you are not sure you can climb.” 

They will NEVER forget your example as you show them the power of nutrition and lifestyle choices, and overcoming adversity through faith and hope. 

Let your children see your struggle, and let them see your comeback! 

On this page, you will find articles and resources with tips for strengthening marriage and families while living with autoimmunity! 


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I’m an expert at the autoimmune protocol (AIP), love to geek out over all things autoimmune wellness, and my obsession is teaching others how to find joy and live well with autoimmunity. An outdoor loving functional nutritional therapy practitioner, homeschooling mama, belly laugher, and autoimmune warrior…creating and sharing resources that help you live your best life set my soul on fire. I’m SO happy you are here!”


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