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My Updated Hashimoto’s Story

My Updated Hashimoto’s Story!

My Updated Hashimoto's Story

A few weeks ago, a fellow Hashimoto’s warrior reached out to me after watching My Hashimoto’s Story YouTube video.

After thanking me for the video, she asked if I could film an updated Hashimoto’s story video, and offer updates as to where I’m at in my Hashimoto’s story today.

I always love to receive video requests, and am happy to share my updated Hashimoto’s story!

Below is my UPDATED Hashimoto’s story, including:

-where my thyroid health is at today

-if I take thyroid medicine

-how I continue to live well with Hashimoto’s

-what my nutrition looks like today

-the two lifestyle factors that trigger my Hashimoto’s symptoms if I’m not careful

-my mindset, and why it continues to be a game changer as I live with Hashimoto’s disease

-and more!



00:51 My Hashimoto’s Diagnosis

02:28. Becoming a Hashimoto’s Warrior

03:20 The Autoimmune Protocol AIP and Hashimoto’s

04:09 Where I am at Today

04:30 Am I taking thyroid meds?

04:50 My Hashimoto’s antibodies after starting AIP

06:09 How I feel vs. lab results

06:23 Thyroid meds do NOT equal failure

07:20 My most recent thyroid and antibodies labs

07:40 Importance of a medical team

08:00 Standard vs. optimal thyroid lab ranges

08:40 How I eat today

08:58 My AIP reintros

09:24 The latest on my lifestyle and how it affects my Hashimoto’s disease

10:00 Update on my exercise intolerance

11:16 Exciting news!

11:30 The importance of avoiding comparison

12:20 How I see Hashimoto’s Disease

12:39 My bitterness and anger

13:30 You are not alone!

14:29 The JOURNEY of living well with Hashimoto’s disease

15:04 How Hashimoto’s led me to switch careers

16:16 Finding my why

16:55 The lag

19:00 What if I didn’t change?

19:35 What do you have to lose?

19:50 Approaching my Hashimoto’s journey with a sense of ease

21:00 The stress of starting a wellness journey

21:21 Progress over perfection

22:10 Hashimoto’s looks different for different people


Figuring out how to navigate Hashimoto’s is tough stuff, and it takes time.

Never underestimate the power you hold to change your life!

Please know I am cheering you on, and sending you lots of love and support as you try to learn to find joy while living well with Hashimoto’s Disease.

It may not feel like it yet, but you totally got this! 

Remember to offer yourself lots of love and understanding…change is hard and it takes time. 

Big hugs and high fives from one Hashimoto’s warrior to another!

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