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If today you are at your rock bottom, or so sick that you cannot imagine even driving to the airport let alone traveling, l feel you. I was there too. Please know you are not alone.

Although I always loved to travel, I can remember one evening at my rock bottom like it was yesterday…

As I lay in bed feeling so unwell, I told my husband I no longer cared about traveling, that all I wanted to do was stay home. I remember him being quiet.

I wonder if he even recognized me anymore at that point. I had changed so much. But that’s where I was. At that time, I felt so unwell, I wondered if I’d travel again.

Then, I started working more on my mindset.

I started daring to dream of traveling again. Of him and I on a white sandy beach on a tropical island.

Although it seemed impossible at the time, I tried to imagine how it’d feel to actually be there.

And I continued working on my wellness. Even when my doctor told me there’s nothing I could do. I tried AIP anyway. Nutrition. Lifestyle. Mindset.

I took things one day at a time.

I relied on my faith. I kept trying to stand when I fell down. I kept at it even when I felt like giving up.

You see, this finding wellness thing is tough stuff. But so worth it!

I’ve traveled a number of times since that evening at my rock bottom, and even lived out that dream of my husband and I in the Caribbean. I soaked up every sunny, sandy minute of it, and breathed it all in! And, you know what? It felt even better than I imagined.

If you have any doubt that what you eat matters, how you live matters, and the way you think matters, I am living proof it does.

You are so incredibly strong, even if you feel weak today. You can do this. I believe in you.

Where do you want to go?? I am serious, call it out. Be Babe Ruth pointing his bat. I cannot wait to hear all about your adventures!

You will find articles on this page that will help you enjoy traveling while supporting your health!


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