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You can find JOY while learning to LIVE WELL with autoimmune disease.

You can find JOY while learning to LIVE WELL with autoimmune disease.

Hi, I’m Shanna!

I am a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, AIP Certified Coach, Writer, Public Speaker, Podcaster, Belly Laugher, and your own personal cheerleader as you learn to find JOY in your Autoimmune Wellness journey!

My goal is to empower, inspire, guide, and support you to develop
habits that will help you feel better inside and out!

Further, I want to help you:
Realize your autoimmune disease is happening FOR you, not to you!
Belly Laugh even on your darkest days!
Dream up some BIG plans that set your soul on fire!


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“Shanna is such a light for the AIP community.  Dealing with autoimmunity can feel so isolating and Shanna makes you feel like you don’t have to go through this alone.  She lets you know that she has been where you have and that although the hard times are definitely hard, you can get your life back.  Shanna gives you hope, she encourages you, she lifts you up, and she shows you day in and day out how good things can come from hard times.” 


I started going to my primary care doctor (PCP) for my thyroid medication since my previous endocrinologist said I was stable and would just need medication for the rest of my life. I started feeling worse and my PCP wanted to every test he could since I had good insurance benefits. I determined I needed to try a new endocrinologist. The first visit was eye opening. She said I had Hashimoto and an autoimmune disease. I was shocked and wasn’t sure why the others had not mention this before.  

 Knowing I had to make some changes I started researching what to do. I ran across Shanna on Instagram with her meal prep ideas and they looked “normal” and yummy. It was easy and not difficult as some that I had found. I discovered her blog and starting reading about her adventure and felt normal and safe. I knew this was not going to be as bad as I felt it was going to be at one time. Discovering Shanna, her blog and reading her experience helped me in this new chapter of my life. I greatly appreciate her and her sharing her story with the world. She is a true blessing. Thank you Shanna for encouraging others! 


“Thank you for being so encouraging! Seriously, you have been a Godsend to me listening to you every day validate people in the “hardness” of this all yet providing so much encouragement. You have a gift with that balance.  Thank you.” 


Thanks for your encouragement!  Because you truly do feel so much better if you keep at it.  At first I thought feeling better would only include not as much bloating, healthier digestive habits, and no stomach aches.  And that was great!  But going on 4 months, my mood is better than it has been in five years!  I am truly starting to see my pre-autoimmune self!  And now beginning to see where are your joy comes from!  It comes back!  Thanks for all of your encouragement and knowledge!” 


“Shanna is a blessing.  She is so honest, warm, and sincere.  She shares real feelings and thoughts.  It has helped me refocus on the value of eating AIP, not just paleo or gluten free.” 


“I was just looking to feel better, when I came across Shanna’s Instagram.  I have been diagnosed with Hashimoto’s 20 years ago, but the last year has been the worst though.  Shanna helped me take the next step with my eating habits.  AIP is the way to go for me, but it has not been easy.  With her honest and down to earth posts I feel like I am not alone on this journey.  I feel inspired and supported.  Thank you Shanna, you are a big help.” 


“Shanna’s sharing of her journey has given me confidence to stick up for myself and what I need to thrive with chronic illness!  Also, hearing that it’s okay to grieve the losses that illness brings is a huge mental relief – it’s okay to grieve, while also believing that you are stronger than your illness.  Thank you, Shanna!” 

Renee Hastings, HHC
Health Kitchen Nutrition

I am new to Shanna’s website and her work in the autoimmune community but her posts and videos have been very helpful.  I also have an autoimmune condition and have done a lot of research of my own but Shanna’s perspective and how she goes about sharing information and recommendations for managing autoimmune symptoms is knowledgeable, caring, and supportive.  The first thing I noticed is that as she shares something that has worked for her she doesn’t come across as preaching but encourages you to try it out, explore things for yourself and then make your own conclusion about how it feels in your own body.  She’s a great resource for sure!