What’s Included:

The next session of AIP Refresh will be held in 2022.



The cost of the entire 6 week program is US$299 and includes everything mentioned above!


YES!!  I designed this AIP reset especially for you!  I will not only empower you to know that you can do hard things, I will provide you with the tools you need to successfully navigate the AIP elimination phase, reintroduction phase, and find your own personalized AIP! 

It is my honor to be part of your autoimmune protocol journey, help set you up for success, help you learn to believe in yourself and become your biggest cheerleader!  You TOTALLY got this!  And I’ve got your back!


Welcome to your AIP journey!  YES, PLEASE JOIN!  This program is so perfect for you!  It is designed to help empower you to take your health into your hands as you learn the ins and outs of the AIP without overwhelming you! 

This course will help you jumpstart your autoimmune wellness journey and equip you with the knowledge and tools needed for lasting success!

You can slow down at any time and switch to self paced since you have lifetime access to all content and materials!


YES!!  My goal is to support you in your health and wellness journey, and help relieve stress. I’d love to have you take part in my course, and I am so excited to offer a payment plan.


Yes!  I designed this program with the busiest of people in mind.

You can feel free to take as much time as you need to access the videos, lessons, handouts, and LIVE training replays since you have lifetime access to everything. 

With that said, I paced the videos and lessons so that each week you will have access to a new week’s content. 

I also host a LIVE weekly training on that week’s topic with an opportunity for Q&A and group coaching, which will be available to watch later as a replay.

In addition, you have unlimited email support from me during the entire 30 days.


Yes, you can read them here.

Next session of AIP Refresh will be held in 2022.


“The AIP Refresh changed my life! I am SO thankful to Shanna for providing so much educational information, answering questions, offering support, and just creating a program that really walks you through how to find success and healing with AIP.

Every component of this program offered a different piece to the puzzle that helps make AIP work! I am eternally grateful for the encouragement, support, and education that Shanna provided me.

I am already experiencing less pain, and I am on my way to healing with my new mindset and way of living to joyfully support my immune system!

THANK YOU, Shanna!”

-Brittany D.

“I believe the training from this program will stay with me forever.

I needed some inspiration and some help to start a new journey that would make a difference for my health.

Shanna, your program was a perfect start for my lifetime of a new adventure in making myself a priority when it comes to nutrition and lifestyle .

Thank you so much for finding me it was surely a Heavenly intervention.”

-Jennifer C.

“I had already been on the elimination phase of the AIP for a few months before taking Shanna’s AIP Refresh. This was a great tool that helped me to focus on and address some areas that I had not thought of or come across in my own research. And it was helpful to be able to ask questions as well.

I really appreciated the format of the course. It is very flexible for a busy schedule and it’s great that I can continue to access the course content in the future.

Shanna is very kind, understanding and knowledgable which added to the course

being so helpful and enjoyable!”

-Loriann M.

“I’ve followed Shanna for months on You Tube, and I signed up for this course at the first opportunity.

It taught me about diet, food, it taught me how to travel and still take care of myself.

This class taught me to not feel guilty because of Hashimito disease instead it taught me to ask what I need. That was really hard for me. But it got easier over time. I’m very thankful for all the videos as I’m a visual learner.

Thank you Shanna for all your positive thoughts, you always say just the right thing.”

-Roxanne C.

“I can’t express how much Shanna program has improved my Mindset.

I eat better and feel happier.

I am so thankful I found her on Instagram.”

– Jyl G.

“Shanna’s 30 day AIP Reset was everything I had been looking for in Health support with AIP. It takes away the feeling of isolation and hopelessness and empowers and strengthens you to dig deep and make the effort to improve your life. I have learnt many things that have helped immensely. I especially appreciate that I have all the information/knowledge that Shanna shared permanently available for me to review as I need to. I understood a lot more about my own body and adjustments that needed to be made. Eternally grateful for the experience.”  

-Erin M.

“I can’t recommend Shanna’s program enough if you are trying to gain your life back while living with autoimmune disease. I’ve struggled with Hashimoto’s for the last 6 years and haven’t had anyone around me that could understand what I was going through and I didn’t have a clue what to do to feel better. If you’ve found yourself here in the first place you’ve taken the right first step! This program offers you a clear outline for how to begin your AIP healing lifestyle for the mind and body. Shanna is one of the most kind and understanding souls and both her and the community you’re connected with through this program offer the support and family you might not have even realized you needed. In my own experience with this program I’m walking away with the permanent tools and keys to success in living my best, healthiest, and happiest life with Hashimoto’s.”

-Olivia F.

“This program is great no matter what phase of the AIP journey you are on. The emphasis on lifestyle and mindset are what helped me to stick with AIP when it felt overwhelming.

The videos and handbook are both full of useful information that I know I will be referring back to often.

Having an autoimmune disease can feel so isolating at times. The live trainings and private Facebook group are a safe place to share your journey with others who are having a similar experience. Shanna is not only very knowledgeable about all things AIP, but is also very thoughtful and kind. I truly felt like she had my back through this process and she wants everyone to succeed. Her personal experience with autoimmunity and AIP lifestyle is very inspiring. I highly recommend this program!”

-Vanessa F.

“I found Shanna on YouTube and I could not stop watching her videos because of her deep passion to help others through her own health journey.

I was truly impressed with the large amount of content she offers in her class and how genuinely nice and caring she is.

Do not hesitate to take her class if you are struggling with an autoimmune disease.

It was worth every penny I spent!! Thank you Shanna!”

-Elizabeth A.

“The skills I have learned in lifestyle, mindset, and nutrition will help me on my autoimmune journey way beyond 30 days. Shanna genuinely cares about her clients and I am grateful to have found this program.”

-Graysya R.

“Finding Shanna and the aip refresh was a huge next step in my health journey. Her constant positivity is a breath of fresh air in a very difficult process. Having the 30 days of support and a ton of information was exactly what I needed to move me forward in my health journey. The program was so well organized and informative. She is a gift to the autoimmune community.”

-Darcy S.

“I would highly recommend Shanna’s program! She is very knowledgeable with everything AIP and is such an amazing coach. Anytime I had any questions she was always got back to me very quickly! The private group is also very helpful because you are doing this journey with other people experiencing the same things you are. 10/10 recommend the AIP program with Shanna!”

-Stephanie W.

“Shanna Nemrow is a true warrior who has a passion for teaching the ‘ins and outs’ of living with AIP.  Her life experience living with AIP and her teaching offers a wealth of resources.  I have learned so much from her course & am so grateful to her and have truly enjoyed getting to know her.  Shanna is a gem.”  


“Shanna’s AIP program is a life changer!  Each week builds upon the previous week and brings it all together in the last week.  Shanna’s heart and soul is evident throughout the class as she combines empathy and understanding with information and fact!  I highly recommend it to anyone who is living with an autoimmune disease as well as those who have a loved one with an autoimmune disease!”

-Terry P.

“Shanna is an amazing person, she is a true role model who lives with autoimmune condition and finds joy in life. She inspires others for owning their lives and empowers for making a positive change.

Before joining the course, I was briefly acquainted with theory of Dr. Sarah Ballantyne and already had a basic understanding of how AIP diet should look like. The course AIP 1-2-3 exceeded my expectations as Shanna’s course is much more than theory on a diet and’s a course that provides participants with real coaching instruments on how to change life, starting from work with mindset and acquiring proper health habits up to many useful tips&tricks, such as how to travel on AIP, how to do AIP trouble-shooting, etc.

The course contains not only education materials, but also requires ‘homework’ and participation in regular calls. 

I recommend the course for those who are ready for change and who really want to reverse autoimmune condition with healthy life style.”