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Autoimmune Protocol (AIP)

I have some amazing news for you!  Did you know there is a powerful way of eating and living specifically designed to help us autoimmune warriors find relief from our autoimmune symptoms and live our best lives?!?!   

Seriously!  It’s called the autoimmune protocol (AIP) and it changed my life!  To this day, the AIP way of eating and living continues to be a big part of my life as it helps me feel so great I sometimes forget I have an autoimmune disease! 

I LOVE to stand up here in my corner of the internet, waving my arms in the air, and sharing ALL about the AIP.  I LOVE to cheer you on at the top of my lungs as you embark on your AIP adventure!  It’s one of my very favorite things to do! 

 Here you will you find my AIP articles and resources!  Everything from what you need to know to get started, AIP troubleshooting, tips for handling reintroductions, AIP meal prepping, how to eat out on AIP, how to AIP as a wife and mama, and SO much more! 

Have an AIP question you do not see answered in one of these articles?!  I’ve got your back!  Simply shoot me a quick message on my contact page, and I will get on it!

 Three quick things before you start binge reading all about AIP:

#1  The AIP can feel overwhelming, daunting, and downright impossible.  So, if you feel ALL of that and more, welcome to the club!  PLEASE know:  AIP is not impossible.  I am living proof that anyone can go from years of Diet Coke drinking, mint n’ chip ice cream eating, and carne asada taquito with extra cheese binging to this.  You can too!  Let’s get you started!

#2  I think one of the MOST amazing things is that we are all unique!  With this in mind, your AIP journey is your own.  You get to make it your own, as you learn to listen to your body…unless your body is telling you to drink Diet Coke all day, drown your sorrows in a tub of mint n’ chip ice cream, and dive into extra cheese carna asada taquitos…then don’t listen to your body yet.  It can’t quite be trusted!  Totally speaking from experience here 😉  You can take your journey as slow as you need to, and customize it to be your own!

#3  Lifestyle is incredibly important on the AIP!  It is tempting to solely focus on nutrition, but PLEASE remember to prioritize sleep, stress management, movement, time in nature, and connection.  The lifestyle aspects of the AIP are incredibly important to finding wellness!

 Annnnnnnnd…you’re off!  I cannot wait to see where the AIP takes you!  Get excited and start dreaming big!  It’s gonna be good! 

Feeling like you need a little extra AIP guidance, love, and support??  I’ve totally got your back…

Check out my AIP Refresh Group Coaching Program here.

Also, yes!  I do offer one on one coaching and I’d LOVE to work with you!  Click here for more information!



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I’m an expert at the autoimmune protocol (AIP), love to geek out over all things autoimmune wellness, and my obsession is teaching others how to find joy and live well with autoimmunity. An outdoor loving functional nutritional therapy practitioner, homeschooling mama, belly laughter, and autoimmune warrior…creating and sharing resources that help you live your best life set my soul on fire. I’m SO happy you are here!


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