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What’s my secret to learning to live well, and find joy with autoimmune disease?? 


Did you just cringe?  The old me cringed right along with you! 

There is nothing fun or exciting about habits…or at least that’s what I thought. 

Until I realized my habits, those little choices I make throughout the day, day in and day out, make a HUGE difference over time, and have the power to completely change my life! 

So, hold up. 

Feeling better and living my best life is actually ALL kinds of fun and exciting! 

I am SO excited to help you identify habits that do not support your physical, emotional, or mental health, and help you replace them with habits that do! 

 Not to be a downer, but in full disclosure, I need you to know that breaking bad habits and developing habits that help you live your best life is tough stuff. 

 It takes time, patience, hard work, and perseverance. 

 There WILL be days when you think building new habits is just too hard, wonder if you can really do it, and want to through in the towel.   

 I promise you will have hard days, but I also pinky promise that if you dig deep, and keep going, you will be SO glad you did!  You will look back and be SO incredibly proud of yourself! 

 Here you will find my free articles and resources on everything from overcoming cravings to digestion tips to self-care for autoimmune flares to my free eBook Autoimmune Habits, and more! 

You SO got this, and I am cheering you on!  Get ready for your life to change in amazing ways!


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I’m an expert at the autoimmune protocol (AIP), love to geek out over all things autoimmune wellness, and my obsession is teaching others how to find joy and live well with autoimmunity. An outdoor loving functional nutritional therapy practitioner, homeschooling mama, belly laugher, and autoimmune warrior…creating and sharing resources that help you live your best life set my soul on fire. I’m SO happy you are here!”


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