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AIP: Not One Size Fits All

AIP:  Not One Size Fits All

AIP: Not One Size Fits All

AIP:  Not One Size Fits All

The autoimmune protocol (AIP) is not a one size fits all approach.

It’s a process of finding a personalized way of eating and living that helps you learn to live well with autoimmune disease!

No, the autoimmune protocol (AIP) is not easy.

Yes, it takes time, patience, and learning to listen to your body.

It’s so much more than foods to include and foods to exclude.

It’s about lifestyle and mindset too.

It’s about troubleshooting and learning the ins and outs.

It’s about digestion, blood sugar regulation, hormone balance, nutrient density, and more.

You see, so many look at the AIP and focus only on foods to exclude, then wonder why it’s not working as well as they’d hoped.

The answer?  

It’s complicated….

The AIP is just as much about what foods to include as well as what foods to exclude.

The AIP is also just as much about lifestyle as it is about nutrition.

In my opinion, the AIP is also just as much about mindset as it is about lifestyle and nutrition.



Reducing toxins.




A growth mindset.

Finding gratitude.

Focusing on progress over perfection.

And so much more.

It’s ALL important.

And it’s not a quick fix.

It takes time and patience.

There will be ups and downs and in betweens.

There will be days when you feel amazing so you do too much, then you have a setback, and feel the frustration of it all and want to give up.

There will be weeks when you’re too busy to food prep and you don’t eat as well so you don’t feel as well.

There will be a learning curve when it comes to navigating social gatherings and holidays.

It will be hard.

But you know what?  

Living with autoimmune symptoms is harder.

And you know what else?

The AIP gets easier in time, especially as you reintroduce foods and overhaul your habits to support your health.

And it’s ALL worth it.

If you need some extra help and support, I do offer a 30-Day AIP Refresh group coaching program, and I’d love to have you!  I also offer a monthly AIP support group, JOYFUL Autoimmunity, as well as loads of free AIP resources here on my website, as well as myYouTube channel.


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