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What I Need You to Know

What I Need You to Know

What I Need You to Know

Last night I had the opportunity to be interviewed for a podcast.

Before the interview, I sat down in my quiet home office to think for a few minutes.

You see, I’ve been so busy lately with some crazy exciting work projects, that I’ve been finding myself forgetting how this whole thing started… and I wanted to take a few minutes to remember.

My Truth Today

The truth is I am now at a place in my health journey where my rock bottom seems like a horrible nightmare instead of a reality I lived through daily.

I feel like a different person inside and out than the woman I was then.

My Reality Then

As much as it was my reality, it’s hard to imagine the woman I was then…

a woman who…

  • struggled to get out of bed
  • had to rest after taking a shower
  • mourned the life she’d lost
  • could barely walk at a snail’s pace around the block
  • felt heartbroken over feeling too sick to go to her kid’s activities
  • overwhelmed with guilt over the wife she turned into
  • and so much more.

Then there was the horrible symptoms that were my daily reality…

  • overwhelming fatigue
  • brain fog
  • joint pain
  • anxiety
  • panic attacks
  • insomnia
  • feeling like I had a storm inside my body
  • cold intolerance
  • and more.

My Doctor’s Answer

Looking back, I can hardly believe that was my daily reality…

My doctor at the time told me there was nothing I could do.

No medicine, no diet, nothing that could help.

Boy, was he wrong…and I am thankful every day that I didn’t listen.

What Did I Do About It?

I overhauled my nutrition (through the autoimmune protocol AIP) and my lifestyle and my mindset, and it feels like my whole world changed.

It was the hardest thing I’ve ever done.

Nothing about it came naturally to me.

But it was all 100% worth it.

To my surprise, I realized last night that it’s been almost 3 years since my rock bottom, almost 3 years since my diagnosis, and almost 3 years since I started my wellness journey.

It feels like a different lifetime now.

What I Need You to Know

If you are where I was then, and you feel scared, alone, hopeless, and everything else, I need you to know:

You are NOT alone,

there IS hope,

you CAN change your life.

What you eat matters.

How you live matters.

What you think matters.

Start today.

You CAN do this.

Don’t you dare give up.

I am here for you, and I’ve got your back.

Please Remember To:

Love yourself through this process.

Give yourself time.

You don’t have to learn ALL the things today.

This is not a race.

This is the rest of your life…I believe it can be the best of your life.

It won’t be easy, but it will be worth it.

You got this.

One last note…

you can learn all about the nutrition and lifestyle protocol I used as a template to change my life here.

and you can watch videos where I share about my journey and offer loads of free tips here.


What I Need You to Know

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