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Self-care is Not Selfish

Self-care is Not Selfish

Self-care is Not Selfish

After hitting my rock bottom, I overhauled my nutrition, lifestyle, mindset, and habits, in an effort to try to get my life back.

I developed a daily self-care routine that helped me feel better inside and out.

But internally, I struggled to do it for months.

My Self-care Struggle

Why did I struggle with self-care?

At the time, I wrestled with thoughts and feelings that taking the time to take care of myself every was selfish.

I felt that as a busy homeschooling, work from home, mom, I should not take the precious little extra time I had and spend it on myself.

I pushed through those feelings and carved out time to take care of myself each and every day.

For me, self-care felt like a total game changer and enabled me to rebuild my life into something more beautiful than I imagined.

Why Self-Care Is Not Selfish

Fast forward years later to today, I still have a self-care morning routine,

and this morning as I was going through it, I thought of something I read weeks ago on a friend’s IG stories.

It basically knocked self-care as selfish and made the accusation that self-care is not Christlike.

It triggered me because I felt like it was saying that you can’t be close to the Savior if you make self-care a priority.

It’s bugged me ever since because my Father in Heaven and my Savior are near and dear to my heart.

They are my anchor and my foundation in everything I do.

In fact, prayer and scripture study are a part of my daily routine.

This morning, I realized that my daily self care routine helps me and enables me to have the health and energy to be a better instrument in the hands of the Lord.

It enables me to serve more, help more, be more of the woman, wife, mother, daughter, friend, He would have me be.

I hope you feel of the importance of self-care and allow yourself the time and space to heal and take care of your body.

I believe my body is a gift from my Father in Heaven, and that He would have me take care of it to the best of my ability.

Whatever your beliefs are, please know I am sending you so much love and support.  Living with autoimmunity is tough stuff.  I am cheering you on!


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