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Progress Over Perfection

Progress Over Perfection

Progress Over Perfection

Progress Over Perfection

The key to finding joy while learning to live well with autoimmune disease is not perfection…

it’s progress.

Focus on the process, not the outcome.

Choose to focus on what you CAN control and let go of what you cannot.

My Experience

I am not perfect in my wellness journey, and I don’t know anyone who is. To me, it’s always been about simply trying to embrace the process – even when it gets ugly. It’s about focusing on what I CAN control rather than what I cannot. You see, my story isn’t always ?????? and it’s not perfect. It isn’t rainbows and butterflies. It’s raw and filled with ups and downs and in-betweens. And that’s okay, because I learn more and more each day, and I make adjustments accordingly.

My Message to You

You ???’? have to be perfect to see results. ??? ??? ?????? ??? ??????? ?? ???? ???, ??? ????? ??? ???? ??? ???. Please, please, please…. do not let what you are not doing get in the way of recognizing everything you ??? doing right. Give yourself credit. Let go of perfectionism. Embrace your beautifully imperfect self, and recognize the incredible steps you ARE taking to regain your health! ???? ?? ????? ?????. We don’t expect our babies to go from being held to crawling to walking to running in overnight… so why do we expect that of ourselves in our wellness journeys?? Many of us are learning how to crawl, or walk, or run again after our autoimmune disease diagnosis as we figure out how to eat, live, and think to feel our best. Let’s ????? ourselves time to start to crawl, then time to figure out how to stand again, then grace as we figure out how to take a few steps, then walk, and eventually run. Remember, we ARE going to fall down along the way… ??? ???? ?? ????! When that happens, let’s lovingly dust ourselves off and remind ourselves we got this…?? ???? ????? ????. Please don’t let one or two or ten or twenty or one hundred falls stop you from getting back up again. If it feels hard, and frustrating, and you get tired of it all, please know ??? ??? ??? ?????. I feel all those things some days too. Hang in there, and take things as slowly as you need to. This isn’t a race… ???? ?? ??? ???? ?? ???? ????. And I believe it can be the best of your life! What we eat and how we live matters. It may not feel like it today, but you got this. I believe in you.


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