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The AIP is NOT Just About Food

The AIP is NOT Just About Food

What is the AIP?

The autoimmune protocol (AIP) is a nutrition and lifestyle protocol specifically designed for those of us with autoimmune disease, chronic illness, and high levels of inflammation.

AIP Focuses on Four Key Areas

⁣It is designed to minimize autoimmune symptoms and maximize immune health, and focuses on four key areas:⁣

⁣nutrient density,⁣⁣

hormone regulation,⁣⁣

gut health,⁣⁣

and⁣⁣ immune system regulation.⁣⁣

AIP Nutrition:  3 Phases

The nutrition side of the autoimmune protocol includes three phases:⁣⁣

the elimination phase,⁣⁣

the reintroduction phase,⁣

⁣and the maintenance phase.

AIP Lifestyle

The lifestyle side of the autoimmune protocol includes:⁣⁣


stress relief,⁣ ⁣


reducing toxins,⁣⁣


getting out in nature,⁣⁣

and more. ⁣

AIP Lifestyle

I personally found the key to successfully navigating the nutrition and lifestyle sides of AIP to be my mindset.

⁣⁣In fact, I emphasize mindset heavily in my AIP group coaching program as well as when I work one on one with clients.⁣

The AIP is NOT Just About Food

⁣I also find it incredibly important to remember bio-individuality…⁣

meaning we are all different and what works best for me will most likely look a bit different than what works best for you.⁣⁣

And I think that’s a beautiful thing.⁣

Just a reminder today that AIP will not look exactly the same for everyone…

and AIP is not just about food.⁣⁣

It’s about:⁣⁣ mindset, ⁣⁣lifestyle,⁣⁣ nutrition,⁣⁣ troubleshooting, and more.

And remember, there’s no right or wrong way to start the AIP.

If you’d love more info on the AIP, I have many free articles and resources here.

The AIP is simple at its core, but not easy.  It is normal to feel overwhelmed at first, and not sure if you can really do this.

Please know you are not alone.  Take your time, and focus on progress over perfection.  Remember, one step at a time.

I am sending you so much love and support!


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