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Autoimmune Hangover

Autoimmune Hangover

Discovering the “Autoimmune Hangover”

I remember laying in bed the morning after a holiday weekend a couple of years ago…⁣

I overdid it that holiday weekend and my mind tried to figure out what to call how I felt.⁣

I came up with the term autoimmune hangover, along with this definition.⁣

I shared what I’d come up with that very day on social media, not knowing if any fellow autoimmune warriors would relate.⁣

Soooo many did and continue to relate each time I share it.⁣

You see, finding joy while learning to live well with autoimmunity is tricky stuff.⁣

There’s a fine line between enjoying the heck out of life, and overdoing it.⁣

Especially if we are new to our diagnosis and our wellness journey.⁣

So if you are laying bed today with an autoimmune hangover,⁣

know this whole living well with autoimmune disease thing is a learning process, and you’re going to figure it out as you go through experiences.⁣

Here in the US, it’s the day after a long holiday weekend,⁣

and I lived it up this past weekend so I wondered how I’d feel today.⁣

My family and I spent the long weekend plus Friday at beautiful Lake Powell with one of our favorite families,⁣

tent camping in over 100 degree heat,⁣

boating, wake boarding, wake surfing, swimming, cliff jumping, laughing, etc.⁣

I wondered how I’d feel today after getting home last night.⁣

I woke up about my normal time without an alarm, and I feel great so far!⁣

You see, it’s taken me years to learn to manage my energy and support my health while still doing the things I love with the people I love.⁣

I had lots of setbacks over the years since my diagnosis and still continue to at times.⁣

But the setbacks getting fewer, further between, and less intense.⁣

So don’t give up.⁣

Pay attention to your body.⁣

When symptoms pop back up, think about what led up to it, and see it as a learning experience.⁣

You got this!


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