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AIP, Orthorexia, and Weight Loss

AIP, Orthorexia, and Weight Loss

AIP, Orthorexia, and Weight Loss

????? did I ever think I could eat this way.⁣

But a funny thing happened when I hit rock bottom,⁣

struggled to barely function,⁣

and no longer recognized my life…⁣

I felt willing to do ???? ????? ???????? to feel better.⁣

The only thing I thought could help me at that point?⁣


Just give me a pill doc, and make this nightmare I am living go away.⁣

But after diagnosing me with Hashimoto’s,⁣

my endocrinologist said there’s no medicine he could give me to help.⁣

Knowing there was no magic pill I could take,⁣

I decided to change what I had power to.⁣

So I started the autoimmune protocol (AIP),⁣

I went to work overhauling my nutrition, lifestyle, and mindset.⁣

Some of the hardest things I’ve ever done, but such game changers for me!⁣

I look at my life now and ??? ?????? ??????? the way I’ve rebuilt my life.⁣

I am ???????? every day that I dug deep and tried to change.⁣

Fast forward to today, and I eat a modified AIP diet, with many reintroductions.⁣

Over the past months, I’ve heard a lot about orthorexia and healing diets, like AIP.⁣

According to the National Eating Disorders website, orthorexia is an “obsession with proper or ‘healthful’ eating.”⁣

The website explains signs and symptoms, and I highly encourage⁣
you to take a look if you have a history of or feel a tendency toward orthorexia.⁣

My experience?⁣

AIP set me ???? from my autoimmune symptoms and I ???? ???? ??? ??? ??????? ???? ???? ?????? ??? ?????? ???? ???.⁣

Everyone is different.⁣

I 100% agree that it is important to be aware of orthorexia.⁣

It is also important to be aware of the power of healing foods, a healthy lifestyle, and a positive mindset.

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