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Proud to Be a Chronically Ill Mama

Proud to Be a Chronically Ill Mama


Proud to be a chronically ill mama…and here’s why.


Two years ago, at my rock bottom, I had no idea I’d be where I am today.


I had no idea I’d be able to regain my health, let alone be snowboarding with my kids again.


Two years ago I spent most of the day everyday… either sick in bed or sick on the couch.


Struggling to function.


Heartbroken over all the mom things I could no longer do.


But I learned an important lesson through my pain.


I learned that being an incredible mom has nothing to do with what we can or cannot do physically.


I learned that we can be incredible moms whether we are sick on the couch all the time, or whether we are out doing all the mom things.


Our kids simply need our unconditional love, approval, acceptance, guidance, and support… and we can offer all of that from a sickbed.


So if today, you are where I was two years ago, please know you are exactly the kind of mama your kiddos need.


You are more than enough.


Focus on what you can do, rather than what you cannot.



You are exactly the kind of mom your kids need!


Some things I did with my kids when I lost my health…




Board games.






Watching their favorite sports.


And lots of listening and talking.


Remember your kiddos will remember the way you made them feel more than anything else.


Shower them in love, and trust that the Lord is giving you this experience for a reason.


I know it’s hard.


But you got this.


Sending you lots of love and support from my mama heart to yours!


I hope you will join me as I choose to be proud to be a chronically ill mama…no shame whatsoever.


Just gratitude that my chronic illness taught me what being a mama is really about.




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