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Is Owning a Dog Good for Your Health?

Is Owning a Dog Good for Your Health?

Is owning a dog good for your health?

Meet Zoey.

Last week our family prayerfully decided to welcome a new addition to our family…

Zoey is 11 weeks old, we adore her and are in love her already, and Bear (our other Boxer) is over the moon!

Did you know there are health benefits when it comes to owning a dog?

Here’s just a few benefits of dog ownership (according to a Harvard Health Special Report):

-dogs are calming,

-dogs encourage mindfulness and being present in life,

-dogs provide motivation to get moving,

-dogs encourage kids to be active, secure, and responsible,

and more!

In fact, just petting a dog can reduce blood pressure and heart rate!

With all of that said, adopting puppies can be much more of a handful than bringing home an older dog…

the chewing,

the potty training,

the sleep training,

the loads of energy,

and so on.

Zoey has our hearts but is keeping us on our toes!

Between my husband and I, and our kids (a teenager and an almost teenager), many hands make the load lighter.

Even with the four of us, my sleep is pretty off right now.

Lack of sleep is one of my biggest autoimmune triggers.

Meaning when my sleep gets off, my body reminds me I need sleep (courtesy of symptoms slowly or quickly popping up).

So far, after a number of rough nights, my body is doing pretty well…

I nap when I can, as well as do everything I can to support my health in other areas:

-keeping my nutrition on point,

-managing stress,

-staying hydrated,

-moving my body / stretching,

-belly laughing,

and more.

I find that one of the tricks to living well with autoimmunity is when life happens and one area of wellness is off, I do all I can to keep the other areas on point.

Before you welcome a new dog into your home, be sure to consider whether a puppy or an older dog is a better fit for your life.

Further, consider any health conditions and how to best support your health while helping your new dog adjust to his or her new life with you.

Lastly, enjoy! Enjoy the slobbery kisses, the endless snuggles, and the joy that comes with dog ownership!

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