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Autoimmune Disease: What Really Matters

Autoimmune Disease:  What Really Matters

Autoimmune Disease: What Really Matters

I recently heard an experience about a fellow autoimmune warrior that broke my heart.⁣

I am not ready to share the experience, and I feel that it’s not mine to share…⁣

but I will say this:⁣

When it comes to learning to find joy while living well with autoimmune disease…⁣

??????? ???????,⁣

purposefully choosing ??? ???????,⁣

finding ????????? ???????,⁣

letting others sit in your dark places with you and hold your hand ???????,⁣

?????? ???????,⁣

facing the negative emotions within ???????,⁣

focusing on what you ??? do rather than what you cannot do ???????,⁣

launching an all out search and rescue mission for your belly laugh when it goes missing ???????,⁣

asking for help ???????,⁣

being willing to accept love and support ???????,⁣

offering love and support to others ???????,⁣

remembering you are ??? your autoimmune disease ???????,⁣

and so on.⁣

I know it’s hard.⁣

??’? ???? ??? ?? ???.⁣

I know there’s days where you let it all go.⁣

? ???? ????? ???? ???.⁣

I know it’s tiring.⁣

? ??? ????? ???.⁣

I know it’s tempting to give up.⁣

? ??? ??????? ?? ???? ?? ????? ???.⁣

I know it feels like hard work.⁣

? ???? ?? ???.⁣

But let’s walk this path together.⁣

You ??? strong enough for this.⁣

I am strong enough for this.⁣

And we are even stronger together.⁣

Thank you for being here.⁣

???? ????? ???????.⁣

You matter.⁣

You lift me up.⁣

You inspire me.⁣

And I am ?? stinking honored to walk this path with you.⁣

If you are new to this path, and feel ALL kinds of alone,⁣

please know ??? ??? ??? ?????.⁣

There are so many of us.⁣

It IS possible to find JOY while learning to live well with autoimmune disease.⁣

Take my hand ?, and let’s tackle our autoimmune diseases together.⁣

We got this.

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