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Incurable Determination

Incurable Determination

Incurable Determination

My autoimmune disease may be incurable…

but you better believe my determination to find joy,

grow through what I go through,

and live well is also incurable.

Embracing the Not So Pretty

Don’t get me wrong, I am not always a bundle of joy.⁣⁣

? ???? ???? ???? ????.⁣⁣

I am not always positive (my family can attest to this).⁣⁣

Sometimes I throw a two year old temper tantrum and ??’? ??? ??????.

⁣⁣I do not always feel awesome.⁣⁣

????????? ? ???? ???????? ??? ???????.⁣⁣

My Incurable Determination

Here’s the thing…⁣⁣

I am determined to ???? ???,⁣⁣ and keep trying to find joy ??????? ?? ???? ????.

⁣⁣I am determined to ???? ??????? ???? ? ?? ???????, and keep trying to ???? ???? ???? it feels hard and anything but convenient.

⁣⁣I am determined to ???? ????,⁣⁣ and keep finding ways to live well, ???? ???? ?? ???? ???????????? ????? ??????.⁣

⁣You see, when it comes to finding joy, learning, growing, and living well,⁣⁣
??? ?????? ?? ?? ??? ????????.⁣

⁣??’? ?? ??? ?????? ?????? I do ????? ???.⁣⁣

It’s when I allow myself to face my demons, look them in the eye, and say “you don’t win.”

⁣⁣It’s when I allow myself to ugly cry when I feel my autoimmune symptoms pop up again after months of feeling well.

⁣⁣It’s when I open up my journal, and pour out my heart – the good, the bad, and the downright ugly.⁣⁣

It’s when I don’t feel like cooking, so I turn on my favorite song and bust out some out of control dance moves as I make my AIP dinner.⁣

⁣It’s when I get my sleep back on track when insomnia starts to rear its ugly head.⁣⁣

It’s when I rein back in my stress when it gets out of control.⁣⁣

You see, ? ???’? ???? ?????????? ???????? ??? ??? ????.

???? ?? ?? ??.⁣

But what do I have?

A deep down incurable determination and grit to keep trying, and to keep getting back up when I get knocked down.

Will You Please Join Me?

⁣So will you join me in my incurable determination?

It’s okay if we don’t have it all figured out all of the time.

It’s okay if we don’t have our ducks all in a row all of the time.

Let’s just be crazy determined, and keep trying our best to get our ducks back in a row when they start to wander off.

This is not about perfection.

This is about a journey.  A journey of finding joy while learning to live well with autoimmune disease.

Spoiler alert:  sometimes the journey gets a bit messy, and that’s okay.

Let’s just wake up everyday and try our best.

⁣??? ???? ?? ???? ??????.⁣⁣


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