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The Power of Baby Steps

The Power of Baby Steps

The Power of Baby Steps

If you are feeling like life sucker punched you this year, and you cannot do ALL the things,

it is okay.  I repeat, it is okay.

Welcome to the club.

Just pick ONE thing, and do that.

Focus on baby steps…one foot in front of the other.

Then, repeat.

You Are Not Alone

I received a DM earlier this year from a fellow autoimmune warrior that stuck with me…⁣⁣

she was at the end of her rope,

⁣⁣in an autoimmune flare,⁣⁣

and she asked me for tips on how to get back on the autoimmune protocol (AIP).⁣⁣

My heart went out to her,⁣

⁣and I expressed my love and support.⁣⁣

But as I thought about how to answer her question,⁣⁣

I couldn’t help but think of how crazy life is this year,⁣⁣

and how life as we knew it got flipped upside down.⁣

⁣We are all going through A LOT.⁣⁣

I think it’s important to offer ourselves lots of love and grace,⁣⁣

and to remember our wellness journeys are just that…


⁣Sometimes journeys get off track.⁣⁣

And that’s okay.⁣

⁣The important thing is we recognize when we get off track,⁣⁣

meet ourselves where we are,⁣⁣

and figure out the best way to get back on track.⁣⁣

There’s no one size fits all answer.⁣⁣

Some people will want to jump back on track all at once, going all in.⁣⁣

Others will need to take baby steps and get back on track one little habit at a time.⁣⁣

Yet others will fall somewhere in between.⁣

My Message to You

⁣If today you find yourself overwhelmed by life,⁣⁣

are realizing you let ALL the things slip,⁣⁣

and are in an autoimmune flare or feeling unwell…⁣⁣

please know there’s a way back on track,⁣⁣

and that you are strong enough to get there.⁣⁣

But love yourself through it, and celebrate every little step.⁣⁣

Don’t worry about what happened yesterday.⁣⁣

Yesterday is over. Gone. Goodbye. You can’t go back and change it.⁣⁣

But what you do have is today.⁣⁣

So you got off track…⁣⁣It happens to us all.⁣⁣

You are not alone.⁣⁣

No judgement from me whatsoever.⁣⁣

Stop right now and think “what is ONE thing I can do today to get me closer to where I want to be?”

Just do that one thing.⁣⁣

Today simply focus on putting one foot in front of the other.

Then, tomorrow repeat.

Never underestimate the power of baby steps.

This is not a race.

This is a journey, and baby steps are about embracing progress over perfection.

You deserve this.

You got this…even if it doesn’t feel like it today.


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