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What I Eat for Breakfast on AIP

What I Eat for Breakfast on AIP

What I Eat for Breakfast on AIP

“What the heck do I eat for breakfast?!” ran through my mind on repeat when I started the autoimmune protocol (AIP) in an attempt to regain my health and learn to live well with Hashimoto’s Disease.

Looking at the list of foods to include on AIP, I found nothing I usually ate for breakfast.

What I Eat for Breakfast on AIP:  Mindset Shift

Realizing my traditional breakfast foods were out the door for awhile, I felt the need to get out of the “breakfast” mindset, and get into the “nutrient dense breakfast” mindset.

Meaning, my goal, and one of the goals of AIP, is to flood the body with a variety of nutrients.  And each day, it starts with breakfast.

Instead of looking at my AIP breakfast dilemma as a problem, I decided to look at it instead as an opportunity for learning and growth, which felt empowering!

In time, I learned to love eating a variety of AIP nutritious foods for breakfast!  Fast forward to today, although I eat modified AIP and have successful reintros for many breakfast foods, I usually prefer to eat non breakfast foods for breakfast!  

What I Eat for Breakfast on AIP:  Elimination Phase Compliant

AIP Green Smoothie – I love love love me an AIP green smoothie in the morning, especially during the warmer months!  Click here for my favorite kind!

AIP Hashes – I could write a whole article about my love for AIP hashes – no joke!  Hashes are so great because you can change them up in so many ways!!  

Different ground meats, different veggies, add some apples, change up the herbs, switch up the seasonings, and so on.  Even better?  No recipe needed (but there are many AIP hash recipes out there to get you started)!  

I love to make a huge batch of hash each week, portion it out, keep a few portions in my fridge, then throw the rest of the portions in my freezer.  When reheating hash, I love to reheat it in a skillet in either some bacon fat or some coconut oil!

AIP Compliant Bacon – I love me some bacon!  I buy my AIP compliant bacon from Butcher Box, but Whole Foods and organic/health foods stores usually carry an AIP compliant bacon option as well.  

AIP Soups – Soups are great for breakfast – especially during the cooler months!  I love to double or triple my favorite AIP soup recipes, then portion out and freeze the leftovers to have on hand.  

My newest favorite soup is the AIP Broccoli Cheddar Soup from The Autoimmune Protocol Comfort Food Cookbook.

Leftovers – I also love having AIP leftovers for breakfast!  

I learned the secret to me loving leftovers is to reheat leftovers in a skillet on the stove top!  Once I ditched my microwave, my love for leftovers grew tenfold!

What I Eat for Breakfast on AIP:  With Reintroductions

Scrambled Eggs with Spinach & Caramelized Onions – eggs were not my friend for months.  In fact, I worried I would not ever be able to reintroduce them.  

However, after initially failing a reintroduction of eggs, I successfully reintroduced egg yolks!  Then, a few months later, I successfully reintroduced egg whites!  

With that said, I found that I feel best when I limit scrambled eggs to once per week.  

Paleo Pumpkin Muffins – from Danielle Walker’s Against All Grain Cookbook.  When I do feel like a muffin, these are hands down my favorite!  

While paleo baking did take some getting used to for me, these muffins are worth the effort.  I double the recipe, and almost always have some on hand in my freezer.  My husband and kids love these too!

A Note on AIP Friendly Breakfast Foods

There are many AIP friendly recipes for muffins, pancakes, and other breakfast foods.  Just a heads up to pay attention to how you feel when eating AIP breakfast foods that include sweeteners like maple syrup and honey.  

Also keep in mind the importance of the nutritional value of the foods we eat.  Breakfast is an opportunity to start our day off on the right nutritional foot, and to give our bodies nutrients to function optimally.

You Got This!

Please remember change is hard! 

Breaking old habits and building new habits is tough stuff.

So be gentle and loving with yourself, and find what works for you!  

You may not like any of my AIP breakfast ideas, and that’s totally okay!  Hopefully what works for me inspires you to find what works for you!

Please know I am cheering you on in your AIP journey!  It may not feel like it today, but you totally got this!

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