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AIP in Maui

AIP in Maui

AIP in Maui:  here’s how I do it, a look at my AIP grocery haul from the Whole Foods and Costco in Maui, a look at some of my AIP meals while in Maui, as well as my favorite places to eat out while visiting Maui!

AIP in Maui: How I Do It

Before arriving in Maui, I sit down and make a quick list of meal ideas.  I include both AIP meal ideas for me, as well as meal ideas for my family.  I categorize it into breakfasts, lunches, and dinners.  I take into account leftovers we may have, brainstorm quick and easy meal ideas, as well as plan on eating out a few meals.

When planning meals for vacation, I keep things simple.  I stick to a protein, veggies, fat, and fruit.  I typically go with quick and easy family favorites, instead of time consuming recipes.  That way we spend less time in the kitchen and more time at the beach!

Based on my list of meal ideas, I create a shopping list to follow after arriving in Maui.  I like to shop at the Whole Foods and Costco in Kahului, Maui so I make one Costco list and one Whole Foods list.

This trip we arrived in Maui a day before our week long stay in our condo.  We ate dinner out, then stayed the night at our hotel.  The next morning, we went shopping at Whole Foods and Costco first thing in the morning.  The stores were nice and quiet!  We were in and out of both stores in record time.  Note:  in previous years, we shopped in the early afternoon after landing and both Whole Foods and Costco were a zoo!

AIP in Maui: My Whole Foods and Costco Grocery Haul

Here’s a look at my grocery haul.  Keep in mind some foods are AIP and other foods for my family are not.  For a closer look at my grocery haul as well as a sneak peek at the Whole Foods and Costco in Maui, watch my “How I Eat AIP in Maui” YouTube video here.

AIP Meals in Maui

Here are some pictures of some of my homemade AIP meals in Maui:

Grass fed steak, organic zucchini, organic squash, organic asparagus, organic onions & mushrooms.

Homemade AIP Hash (no recipe – just threw it together)

Tacos! Jicama tortillas, spinach, grass fed ground beef (seasoned with oregano, pink salt, garlic powder, coconut aminos), and Maui Sweet onion.

NOTE: Green beans are an AIP reintroduction – not compliant in the elimination phase.
Grilled chicken, onions, mushrooms, broccoli, and green beans.

Bone broth…this is Bonafide Provisions brand.

Wraps (jicama tortillas, AIP compliant turkey lunch meat, spinach, Maui sweet onions, and added avocado after taking this pic).

Organic butternut squash noodles with organic turkey and caramelized Maui sweet onions, with a side of pineapple.

My favorite green smoothies…water, spinach, avocado, and a little bit of organic frozen tropical fruit.

A homemade AIP hash…no recipe, just threw in a bunch of veggies with a protein and added some fat.

Organic sweet potato, organic cauliflower rice, organic turkey with pink salt and cinnamon.

Grass fed burger with caramelized Maui sweet onion, carrots, and watermelon…quick and easy!

Wraps – jicama tortillas, AIP compliant turkey lunch meat, spinach, sweet Maui onions, avocado (with a side of cucumbers, carrots, and fruit)

Thinking outside the box for beach snacks: apples and avocado…not mixed together 😉

AIP Beach Snacks: Cassava Strips

AIP in Maui: My Favorite Places to Eat Out in Maui

Umalu – poolside/beach front casual dining on Kaanapali Beach in Maui (located at the Hyatt Regency).  Ask for Michelle as a server – she is wonderful at understanding food allergies and communicating with the chef! 

While I did not find any AIP compliant meals on the menu, I found Umalu to be fabulous at accommodating food allergies and restrictions.  I simply scan the menu and create my own AIP meal, careful to communicate my needs.  For example, I am careful to specify no oils, butter, or seasonings except for olive oil.  I find it easier to make that blanket statement rather than dive into what seasonings I can and cannot have.  If I’d like seasonings, I bring my own in my purse. 

I love their mahi mahi, steamed vegetables, and avocado.

Choice Health Bar – multiple locations in Maui.  Great for organic smoothies, juices, and a nutrient dense menu! 

My family and I stopped there after landing for smoothies.  I love their Maui Wow smoothie!  I bring my own collagen peptides to add.  We also stopped there the night before leaving to pick up a green juice for me to enjoy while traveling to the airport.

LOVED this quote hanging on the wall: It’s not the food in your life, it’s the life in your food.

I generally do not drink juice, but enjoyed a green juice with some collagen peptides!

Maui Wow smoothie with my own collagen peptides added in.

Farmers Markets / Craft Fairs – Maui hosts a number of farmers markets and craft fairs. There’s one outside of where we stay every year, and we love checking it out. This year, there were two food/fruit vendors and both offered AIP compliant options!

I bought a fresh coconut as well as a mango and passion fruit coco-sicles to enjoy later in the week (only ingredients were fresh coconut water and fruit!) . Loved them!

After drinking the coconut water, I took my coconut back and they opened it up for me to enjoy the coconut cream…nothing like a fresh coconut!

More Travel Tips

Looking for more travel tips? 

I’ve got you covered with these articles:

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Sending You So Much Love and Support

Traveling on AIP can feel daunting and even overwhelming, but it is possible. Please know you are not alone.

I am standing up and cheering you on so loud! I cannot wait to hear about the adventures you take while traveling to support your autoimmune health! You got this!

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Thanks for this! I love vacationing in Maui but I haven’t been to HI since starting AIP. This post gave me some good ideas for my next trip!
Groceries are appallingly expensive in HI aside from locally produced foods—did you find the same at Whole Foods compared to the mainland?

Shanna Nemrow

You’re welcome Kim! Groceries at Whole Foods in Maui are expensive compared to the mainland. But eating out in Maui is even more expensive, and buying groceries enables us to eat out less which actually saves us money when traveling to Maui. Also, there’s a number of farmers markets where you can buy local produce. There’s a great one in Lahaina if you visit that side of the island.

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