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AIP Air Travel Tips (in a Hotel Without a Kitchen)

AIP air travel in a hotel without a kitchen IS possible!

It is also tricky so planning ahead and preparation is the key!

I am opening up all about it in my newest YouTube video below.

AIP Air Travel Updates:

I made it through security with my cooler backpack filled with food! Security did flag my bag to search, but there ended up being zero issues. I explained that I am on a strict diet because of my disease. I think it would have been fine without the explanation though.

My frozen smoothie packets did not travel the best. In the future, I will most likely purchase smoothie ingredients at a local grocery/health foods store once I arrive instead of packing them.

I did make a smoothie when I first arrived at my hotel and the Nutribullet worked great! Highly recommend it for hotel travel! I brought a little dish soap in a travel toiletries bottle to wash the blender.

I did pack a couple of extra Wild Zora freeze dried meals, which I will most likely use for my last couple of breakfasts since my smoothie packets did not travel the best.

I highly recommend always packing more AIP food and snacks that you think you will need. In my experience, I am always grateful when I pack extra!

Let me know if you have any questions, or if you have any AIP air travel tips!

Note on Eating Out

Note: eating out is of course an option too! My schedule is hectic this trip since I am traveling for my NTP midterms and training. I do not want to risk cross contamination this trip. I also do not want to spend the energy going out to eat 3 times per day.

With that said, if eating out is an option for you, I encourage you to simply find restaurants ahead of time, and be sure to communicate with the staff upon arrival.

Some of my AIP favorites for eating out: grass-fed burgers (no bun/cheese, add veggies), salads (modify to meet AIP), steamed veggies (no butter or oils or spices), and plain proteins (make sure they do not cook with oils, or check to see what oils they use).

Product Links

Here are links to some of the products I mentioned in my video:

Paleo on the Go – use code “Shanna” to receive a discount.

Tourit Backpack Cooler – LOVE this!

HotLogic Mini Oven


Wild Zora Freeze Dried Meals – Summit Chicken and Mountain Beef Stew

Wild Zora Meat & Veggie Bars – Apple & Pork

Paleo Angel Power Balls

Pyrex Glass Snapware

Traveling with Autoimmune Disease

If today you are too sick to even imagine traveling, please know I feel you.

I really do. I was there too.

I remember realizing I was too unwell to handle the drive to the airport as a passenger, let alone actually traveling.

I remember wondering if I’d ever travel again.

It’s crazy what a difference weeks, months, and a year can make.

In 2019, I’ve traveled more times than I imagine. All on the AIP. My nutrition and lifestyle help me find joy and feel well again as I travel!

In fact, my trips now are more enjoyable than ever because I feel great and know how to take care of my body.

So, you keep dreaming up trips you want to take when you feel well. You will get there.

One step at a time. One little choice at a time. You SO got this!

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