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AIP Meal Prep for Travel

AIP meal prep for travel requires planning ahead and preparation.

While it does take extra work, AIP meal prep for travel can truly be a game changer in your AIP journey!

In this video, I dive into how I AIP meal prep for travel, as well as share tips and resources to help you support your health nutritionally as you travel!

Meal Prep Tip: Double or Triple Meals You are Already Cooking

Two to three weeks before traveling, I begin double or tripling meals I am already cooking. I save a portion of the leftovers for another meal for our family for the next day.

Then, I portion out the remaining leftovers in individual glass food storage containers, and store them in the freezer. I usually have at least one to two extra meals to put in the freezer each time.

Fast forward 2-3 weeks to the time of my trip, and I open the freezer to a variety of properly prepared nutrient dense AIP meals all set to take on my trip!

I love this approach to AIP meal prep for travel because it spreads the extra effort out over the course of two to three weeks, so the extra work feels minimal. In other words, I am already in the kitchen cooking and cleaning up the dishes; I am simply cooking extra.

AIP Meal Prep for Travel Tip: Fill in the Blanks with POTG Meals

I love Paleo on the Go’s AIP meal delivery service! While I do find it a bit pricey, I consider it a luxury, travel treat, and an alternative to eating out or special occasions and holiday meals.

The week before travel, I take a peek in my freezer and see how my meal prep for my trip is coming along. If I am busier than I originally thought and do not have enough meals prepped yet, I place an online order with Paleo on the Go for some extra meals for my trip. It not only cuts down on stress, it also adds to the variety and excitement of my meals!

My favorite Paleo on the Go meals are their Chicken Pot Pie, Spinach and Mushroom Beef Lasagna, and Beef Breakfast Empanadas! I also love to have their Carob Chunk Cookies on hand in the freezer for an occasional sweet treat!

I love Paleo on the Go so much, I signed on as an affiliate, which means I get to offer you a discount code, and I get a small commission at no extra cost to you! If you’d like to try Paleo on the Go, use code SHANNA on any order to receive $15 off!

Links I mention in the video:

Glass Snapware Food Storage

Paleo on the Go – use code SHANNA for $15 off any order!

FREE AIP Allergy Card


AIP Green Smoothie Recipe

(I use water, half of an avocado, and change up the fruit – sometimes using raspberries or frozen pineapple instead of banana)

Hot Logic Mini Portable Oven

Tour It Cooler Backpack (30 can)

The Healing Kitchen (AIP) Cookbook

The Autoimmune Protocol (AIP) Comfort Food Cookbook

Wild Zora Meat & Veggie Bars

Paleo Angel Power Balls

Water Bottle

AIP for Air Travel

Travel tip for hotels without a kitchen

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