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Autoimmune Protocol (AIP) Snacks

I often get asked to share my favorite autoimmune protocol (AIP) snacks.  In fact, it is one of my most frequently requested topics!

I hesitated until now because I personally do not feel as well when I eat too many AIP snacks.  So, I fear that if I share my favorite AIP snacks, I may lead a reader to snack too often and feel unwell.  However, I decided it is time to go head and share my favorite AIP snacks.  I simply share with the disclaimer:  please do not go bananas eating them (speaking from experience here)!

Why I Love AIP Snacks

As much as I love eating real, unpackaged, whole AIP foods, life is busy.  When life gets busy, AIP snacks can be a game changer when it comes to keeping energy levels up while on AIP and on the go.  Sometimes errands take longer than expected.  At times my son’s baseball game goes into extra innings.  Other times I need to run by “just one more store.”  And then there’s traveling!

You can find and purchase many AIP snacks on Shop AIP (click here for $10 off!), on Amazon, at your local health food stores, and some are even available at Walmart!   The links below are from Amazon, but some of the items you have to buy in bulk, which I do not recommend if you have not tried them yet 😉  However, I am including the Amazon links anyway so you can see the item details and packaging up close for any items you are interested in. 

My Favorite AIP Snacks

Please note:  there are many other AIP snacks out there.  I have not tried ALL of them.   These are simply my favorites of those I have tried.  Also, the brands I mention below make non AIP flavors and varieties of snacks as well.  The flavors I mention and link to below ARE AIP, but if you try a different flavor or variety, please read the label carefully before consuming!

AIP Snacks:  Chips

I LOVE me some yummy chips!  The crunch, the salt, I love it all! 

Here are my favorite AIP chips:

Artisan Tropic Cassava Strips – these win the prize for my favorite AIP chip!  I have to be mindful not to eat the whole bag in one sitting! 

Barnana Organic Ridged Plantain Chips – I LOVE that these plantain chips have ridges!

Inka Chips Plantain Chips (Sea salt flavor) – a close runner up to Barnana plantain chips!

Dang Coconut Chips (lightly salted) – look for the blue bag! – I love topping my homemade tropical smoothies with these in the summer and eating the smoothie with a spoon!

Lesser Evil Paleo Puffs – Himalayan Pink Salt – I LOVE these when watching a movie!

Terra Sweets Medley made with Avocado Oil – these taste REALLY salty to me, so I grab these when looking for a salty snack!

AIP Snacks:  Meat Snacks

I carry an AIP meat snack with me in my purse anytime I leave the house!  If and when I do get hungry when on the go, I personally find I feel best when I reach for a snack with some protein.  With that said, I sometimes pair my protein snack with another snack too.

Chomps Italian Style Beef Sticks – these win the prize for my favorite AIP meat snack!  I recently discovered these and my whole family loves them!  I love that the beef is grass fed and contains “no hidden nasties!”

Chomps Sea Salt Beef Sticks – I love this flavor too!  My family likes this flavor too, but prefers the Italian Style flavor. 

Wild Zora Original Meat and Veggie Bars – Apple and Pork is my favorite flavor.  I love that I get some veggies in along with some protein!

EPIC Bar – Bison Uncured Bacon and Cranberry Bar – I ate these very often in the beginning of my AIP journey and totally burned myself out on them! 

The New Primal Beef Thins (sea salt) – be sure to look for the beef thins versus the beef jerky as the beef jerky is not AIP compliant.

AIP Snacks:  Fruit

When it is unrealistic to pack fresh fruit, I love these options!

Organic Natierra Pineapple – this wins the prize for my favorite –  is SO yummy!  Seriously tastes like candy to me!  My whole family loves it!

Organic Natierra Strawberries – really yummy too!

Organic Natierra Blueberries – not my favorite but still a good option!  The taste is good, but I became annoyed by how little the blueberries were.  I felt like I could not get enough in my mouth at a time, and my fingers turned blue.

Organic Bare Apple Chips – the Granny Smith variety are my favorite, but Bare makes a number of AIP compliant snacks!  Many other flavors are great too!

That’s It Bars – these are growing on me more and more!  There are a number of flavors.  I’ve tried the Apples & Strawberries flavor as well as the Apples & Blueberries flavor.  I like that these are in a bar for convenience, but they do gross me out a bit at the same time.  My husband likes these too!

AIP Snacks:  Sweet Treats

Paleo Angel Power Balls – LOVE LOVE LOVE these when I feel like a sweet treat!  There are many flavors!  A couple of the flavors are NOT AIP, like the Chocolate Brownie.  My favorite flavors are the Carob Fudge Cake and the Vanilla Cupcake.

Laughing Giraffe Organics Salted Caramel Snakaroons – this wins the prize for my favorite AIP sweet treat!!  However, I cannot currently find them anywhere!  I first tried them in the June Simply AIP box (link video).  If you find them, PLEASE help a sister out and let me know!

Cookies from Paleo on the Go – I LOVE to keep a box of AIP cookies in my freezer from Paleo on the Go.  I eat them straight out of the freezer!  My favorites are their Carob Chunk and their mint flavor.  The flavors they have in stock vary.  You can use the code Shanna for $15 off your order!

Sweet Apricity Caramels – I tried these at The Paleo Mom Workshop and Retreat in January.  They were in the goodie bags, and I love enjoying them throughout the weekend!

AIP Snacks:  Fresh Snacks

When possible, I love to snack on fresh foods.  Some of my favorites to take on the go:

Carrot sticks

Cucumber rounds

Celery sticks

Any kind of berries

Apple slices



Leftovers reheated in a thermos (including meats)

Your Favorites

Those are my favorite AIP snacks, but I know there are many more AIP snacks out there.  I’d LOVE to hear what your favorite AIP snacks are!

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