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To My Hashimoto’s Sister, You Got This!

To My Hashimoto's Sister

“To my Hashimoto’s Sister…”

I received an email from one of our Hashimoto’s sisters.

Newly diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Disease, she found my Instagram page through a Google search when looking for Hashimoto’s support.

She found one of my posts about the realities of living with autoimmune disease, and she reached out to me via email.

She thanked me for my Hashimoto’s advocacy and support, and she asked me 3 questions.

She asked:

“How do you cope with the “what ifs” and anger and doubt?”

“How do I find hope for my future when my past feels shattered?”


“Mostly how do I get off the rollercoaster?”

In the last question, she was referring to my Instagram post where I likened living with an autoimmune disease/living with autoimmune disease to being trapped on a never ending rollercoaster.

While living with autoimmune disease and Hashimoto’s looks differently for different people, it really can turn someone’s life upside down and inside out.

Like mine.

Like my new Hashimoto’s sister who emailed me.

Perhaps like yours.

While I did email my new Hashimoto’s sister back right away offering love, support, and my take on how to face autoimmune disease / facing Hashimoto’s…

I also decided to create a video answering her questions.

A video for you.

To my Hashimoto’s Sister.

Wherever you are.

Whatever symptoms you are struggling with.

It is my hope that this video helps you to feel less alone, more courageous, and ready to face your autoimmune disease.

“To My Hashimoto’s Sister” My Email Response

Here is what I emailed back to my Hashimoto’s sister:

Thank you so much for your email.  My heart is with you as you wrap your head around your diagnosis and what this means going forward.

I have to say, I so relate to your experiences.  I, too, had pregnancy complications, including preeclampsia and postpartum mental health complications.

I know how you feel today.  

I remember like it was yesterday.  

Please know there is hope, you are not alone, and this can turn out to be an incredible learning and growth experience.  

Although my doctor told me otherwise, I’ve found tremendous relief through nutrition, lifestyle, and mindset.  

I am dedicated to sharing my story and creating free resources to help others like me.  I have a YouTube channel: (or just search Shanna Nemrow on YouTube).  I also have a website: .   Also, I have a weekly newsletter with tips and links to my newest videos and articles.

Thank you for your questions.

Here are my answers…

As far as overcoming the “what ifs” and anger and doubt,

my advice is to allow yourself to feel it.  

Own it.  

You are going through something huge and heavy.  

It is okay to feel anger and doubt.  

Just don’t sit in it too long.  

Rely on your faith.  Trust God.  

I believe He allows us to have experiences to learn, grow, and become better versions of ourselves.  

If you aren’t there yet, no worries.  It took me time to get there.  Don’t beat yourself up.  Feel what you need to feel, and cling to hope.

As far as how to find hope for your future when your past feels shattered?

 First of all, that is the perfect description.  I was there too.

Please know that I was where you are.  I lost the life I had.  

I couldn’t travel.  I couldn’t go to my son’s baseball games.  I struggled to get out of bed.  

It’s been almost two years since then.  In 2019 I traveled more times than I dreamed possible including to the Caribbean and I’m heading to California Saturday and to Hawaii the week after.  

I’ve accomplished more than I dreamed I’d be able to again.  

You can too.  

You can rebuild your life into something more beautiful than you can imagine.

 You WILL get there.

How do you get off the rollercoaster?  

You can’t.  I’m sorry.  But you can’t.  

What you can do is live in a way where the drop offs are not so big.  

Where most of the time you feel so well you forget that you’re on it.  Where you find so much joy you forget Hashimoto’s is part of your life.  

But how you do it isn’t easy.  

It’s through nutrition and lifestyle and mindset.  

It’s through breaking bad habits and creating healthy ones.  

It’s through repeating those healthy choices day after day after day until your body has no choice but to feel better.  

The autoimmune protocol (AIP) worked wonders for me, and I’ve created many videos and articles about it that you can find for free on my YouTube channel and on my website.  

I wish there was an easier answer.  In my case, there wasn’t.

You ARE strong enough for this life with Hashimoto’s.  

You CAN do this.  

And you will be setting an incredible example as a mother and to your loved ones about just how powerful nutrition, lifestyle, and mindset are.  

This may be one of the biggest challenges you face, but you can rise up to it, look it square in the eye, and show it who’s boss.

It starts today.

Take it as slow as you need to.  Stress will just make things worse.

Sending you so much love and support.

Reach out anytime.

You are not alone.

You got this.



To My Hashimoto’s Sister, Please Know:

Please remember Hashimoto’s looks differently for different people.

I know a number of women with Hashimoto’s in my life and while it does not seem to bother most of them, it tore my life apart for a period of time.

Please know that as sick as you feel, as down as you are today, there is hope.

While there is no cure for Hashimoto’s disease, nutrition, healthy lifestyle habits, and a growth mindset can FEEL like a cure.

Yes, there will still be ups, downs, and inbetweens.

However, the downs will be fewer and further between.

You got this.

You are strong enough for this life with Hashimoto’s and autoimmune disease.

I believe in you.

Reach out anytime for support – email, comment, Instagram DM, anything.

I’ve got your back.

Big hugs!

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