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8 Holiday Date Night Ideas

Holiday Date Night Ideas

Hallelujah for date nights!  I look forward to date night every week.  No matter what my man and I do, we enjoy spending some time just the two of us.  It is so important for the health of our marriage, our family, and our health to reconnect with each other and remember where our family started.  Him and I.

Holiday Date Nights


With that said, the holidays can be a crazy time of year, and if we are not careful, date night can get overlooked or skipped altogether.  As I was thinking about carving out time for our date nights, I thought it would be fun to think of “extra special” date nights for the holiday season that do not break the bank and that do not involve food.  At this point in my healing journey, there are very few restaurants that I feel comfortable eating at, and I prefer to focus our date nights on being together rather than food.  If you have no nutrition restrictions, yay!  You can add on dinner to any of these date nights.  If you are like me, you can pack a picnic or food to take on any of these date nights or eat at home first.


Without further ado, here are 8 holiday date night ideas:


Look at Christmas Lights


Find a neighborhood you can walk through, bundle up, hold hands, and walk slowly.


Find a neighborhood or Christmas lights you can drive through while listening to Christmas music.  Be sure to find a spot to park and make out like the good ol’ days!


Off-roading in the snow


Do you live in the snow?   Lucky!  My man and I went off-roading in the snow for the first time in the Uinta mountains while visiting Utah in October.  We have a 4×4 truck so we packed up water, snacks, and blankets then stopped at the ranger station for a list of off-road trails good for beginners.  It was an absolute blast!  The ranger even pointed out some short hikes with beautiful lookouts.  We had most of the trail and scenic views to ourselves.  It was incredibly romantic!


Have a snowball fight or build a snowman together


Unless your man will pull a Dumb & Dumber moment on you!  If he will take a snowball fight a little too seriously, stick to building a snowman together.


Go Ice Skating


Even if you live in a warm climate like we do, you can still go indoor ice skating.  If you live close to outdoor ice skating, even cooler!  See what I did there?  Bundle up, hold hands, laugh when you slip and fall, and let your man help you up.


Go on a nature walk or hike


Yes, even if you live in the snow!  Bundle up, get outside, enjoy nature, and enjoy just being together!  Pack some water, pack some snacks, talk, laugh, hold hands, flirt, and forget about everything else except each other.


Visit a Nativity or other free Christmas event


Does your church or community have a Nativity you can visit or walk though or attend?    Does your local high school offer a Christmas concert or play?  Set the date, grab your man, and enjoy cuddling with him while getting into the Christmas spirit.  Be sure to rest your head on his shoulder while you are at it.  I am convinced resting my head on my man’s shoulder boasts all kinds of health benefits!


Get a Massage


I do not mean the super expensive massages at the resorts or high end spas.  I mean looking for a groupon for a couples massage or looking at more the hole in the wall places that offer reflexology massage specials.  If you live near me, send me an email or a message and I will tell you where my man and I go.  They give incredible, relaxing massages, and it never breaks the bank!


Never gotten a couples massage?  Even better!  Not only will you leave feeling relaxed and ready to take on the world, you and your man will most likely laugh about something about the new experience after!


Go Christmas Shopping


When all else fails, turn Christmas shopping into a date night!  Christmas shopping tends to stress me out, so I personally like to do most of our shopping online ahead of time, but years ago, my man and I used to go Christmas shopping for date night.


Keep in mind


Remember date night does not have to be on Friday night, or Saturday night.  If your holiday weekends are too busy, schedule an early evening date night on a week night, or put the kids to bed and have a late candle light dinner just the two of you, followed by some barefoot dancing in the kitchen.


Just remember to carve out time each week for just you and your man to reconnect.  Remember that it all started with just you and him.  Keep that foundation strong.  If the foundation has some small or major cracks in it, start repairing it today.  This week.  Ask your man on a date.  You do not have to wait for him to ask!  Going on a date night each week will help you and your man stay connected, especially during the hustle and bustle of the holidays.

Looking for more date night ideas or how to make your date nights healthier?  Click here to read more, or go here.

Any holiday date nights that you and your man love to go on?

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