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You Are Not Alone




I remember, like it was yesterday, how alone I felt at the beginning of my wellness journey.  For months.  No one I knew practiced any of the wellness or health practices I was learning.  No one I knew ate the way I was learning I needed to eat.  I would have loved for someone to tell me, “You are not alone.”


I felt so alone.


I did not understand why everyone else could live their life a certain way, eat anything they wanted and they seemed healthy, yet when I made those same choices, look where it got me.


Too sick to function “normally.”


My Turning Point


I made an important decision.  One of the most important decisions of my life.  I decided to change my life even though it meant I would be living like no one else I knew.


I started practicing many of those wellness practices that no one else I knew was doing. I started eating the way no one else I knew was eating.  When I went to holidays, events, or family parties, I learned to pack my own food.


I learned it was okay to be different.  I learned I did not owe anyone an explanation or a justification or an excuse.  I learned to put taking care of myself ahead of caring about anyone else’s opinion of me.


I learned to offer myself so much love, understanding, kindness, patience, and grace that I no longer sought it from others.


I learned I only needed approval from two sources:  myself and from my Father in Heaven.  It was hard at first.  It did not come naturally for me.


In time, I realized I never was alone.  Not only was my Father in Heaven there with me, He was carrying me through my hardest days.  He was standing right next to me when it looked like I was standing alone.


I also found an incredible support system on Instagram and in wellness blogging.  I came to understand that there are many, many of us who eat cleanly, who cultivate wellness practices, who live a healing lifestyle.  We may not be at the same party or in the same room, but we are there.


You are Not Alone


I hope you are finding an incredible support system too.  I hope you know you are not alone.  I am here for you.


I may not be at the same holiday gathering, but know that somewhere I am at a holiday gathering and my plate looks very similar to yours.


What Helped Me


  • Realizing there are millions of us in this world who are battling autoimmune disease daily, who fight for our health daily, and who feel alone daily.


  • Connecting online with others who are going through similar situations.


  • Realizing I am a valuable contribution to the autoimmune community, and that by raising my voice I can help raise awareness and spread the word that there IS a way to find wellness.


  • Realizing that I can feel constant love and connection in my life, and choosing not to sit in feelings of loneliness and isolation.




Where ever you are reading this; whatever chronic illness you have; whatever trial you are facing today, I hope you realize you are not alone.


I am right there with you.  I see you.  I feel you.


There are millions of us.


I hope you realize you can connect with others on Instagram and through blogs.  I will say this:  pay attention to your thoughts and feelings as you consume any media.  I encourage you to remove any media from your life that stirs up any negative thoughts or feelings.  You do not need that in your life.  None of us do.  Be mindful of consuming any media that brings you down.


I hope you realize that you are a valuable contribution to the autoimmune community.  You can raise your voice, be there for others, help raise awareness, and spread the word that there IS a way to find wellness.  We need you!


I hope you realize that you can feel constant love and connection in your life.  No matter what toxic relationships are in your life, you are worthy of love and connection.  The love you so desperately seek is inside of you and comes from above.


I am sending you lots of love, support, prayers, positive vibes, and hugs.  You’ve got this.  You’ve so got this.


I would love to connect with you.  Leave a comment or send me a message on Instagram.


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This is inspirational and a big relief…. I feel lonely

Hi Monica,

Thank you for reading my post, and for sharing with me your thoughts and feelings. I am honored. Autoimmune disease and chronic illness can feel very lonely. Especially during this time of year. Please know you are not alone. There are millions of us. We may not see each other, but we are here. My heart, thoughts, and prayers are with you. Please reach out and connect with me anytime! Hugs! Shanna

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