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10 Quick Tips for a Relaxing Holiday Season

Holiday Stress

10 Quick Tips for a Relaxing Holiday Season

The holidays can be the most stressful time of year, but it can also be the most peaceful time of year with these 10 quick tips for a relaxing holiday season!  You can pick and choose one or two tips, and change it up as you feel inspired to.

Life is busy this time of year, so let’s jump right in (be sure to click the links for more information):


  • Cultivate a Spiritual Practice – remember the reason for the season.


  • Practice Yoga – stretch your body, and increase peace.


  • Meditate –find some time to quiet the mind and find your center.


  • Laugh – watch a funny movie or laugh with family and friends.


  • Eat Cleanly – eating cleanly will help you feel the best you can, and give you the energy you need to enjoy each moment.


  • Be Intentional – think about the choices you are making with your time and efforts each day, and choose quality over quantity.


  • Plan Ahead / Organize – make lists and organize your time to avoid procrastination and stress.


  • Enjoy Nature – reconnect with nature and take some time to breathe in fresh air.


  • Get Adequate and Quality Sleep – sleep directly relates to health, energy, and stress levels.  Choose to make sleep a priority.


  • Go on Date Night with Your Spouse Each Week – your marriage is the foundation of your family.  Make your spouse a priority.


There you go!  My 10 quick tips for a relaxing holiday season!  Pick and choose what tips you feel inspired to include in your life this holiday season.

I wish you the most peaceful and stress free holiday season ever!

How do you transform the holiday season into the most peaceful time of year?

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