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My AIP Reintroduction Phase Experience

This week I am opening up and sharing my experience with the Autoimmune Protocol (AIP) Reintroduction Phase!

I received a DM on Instagram last week asking me if I recorded a YouTube video about my experience with AIP reintros. My answer? No. So I went ahead and got right on it! Thank you for the request Shelby!

Here you go…

AIP Reintroduction Phase 101

In my video, I do not go over the basics of the AIP reintroduction phase.

If you are not familiar with the recommended process for AIP reintroductions, I highly recommend reading this article by Dr. Sarah Ballantyne:…

She beautifully takes a deep dive into the AIP reintroduction phase, and the recommended stages of food reintroductions.

My Experience with AIP Reintros

What I do cover in this video?

I dive into my experience with the AIP reintroduction phase after 10 months on the elimination phase, including…

what I did wrong the first time I tried to reintroduce foods,

when and why I revert back to the elimination phase,

where I am currently at in the AIP reintroduction phase,

how my lifestyle plays into reintroducing foods,

how I know if a reintroduction failed,

and two little parts of my autoimmune journey I never planned on sharing publicly.

AIP Reintroduction Phase

Your Experience with AIP Reintros

Are you in the AIP reintroduction phase?

I’d love to hear about your experience!

What was the hardest part of the reintroduction phase for you?

Were you scared of reintroducing foods?

Where ever you are in your AIP journey, I am sending you SO much love and support!

I know living on the AIP can feel lonely and isolating. I know it is hard work. I understand how tiring it can feel.

However, I also know the AIP can change your life. It changed mine, and I am thankful every single day.

You are not alone. It is not just hard for you. There are SO many of us choosing to take back our health through the AIP, and I haven’t met one single person who said starting the AIP was easy!

With that said, habits form, and it gets easier in time. You are strong enough to do this! I believe in you!

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