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Season 2 Episode 6: Marriage + Autoimmune Disease-Part 2

Marriage + Autoimmune Disease-Part 2
Marriage + Autoimmune Disease-Part 2

Dating can be a tricky season in life under the best of circumstances.

But when you’re worried about having conversations around your autoimmune disease and therapeutic diet, like the Wahls Protocol or Autoimmune Protocol, it can be stressful.

What’s the best way to approach that initial conversation? 

How do you help your significant others understand the daily reality of an autoimmune disease and get onboard with our therapeutic diet and lifestyle? 

What does it look like as you move into marriage?

Today we’re flipping the script and Alene will be interviewing her husband, Brian, on what it was like from his perspective on dating and marriage with her MS diagnosis and commitment to the Wahls Protocol. 

Tune in as she puts him on the hot seat to discuss:

  • What helped him understand this invisible disease when they first started dating
  • His personal advice for someone who is sharing their diagnosis with a significant other for the first time
  • Tips if/when your significant other is not onboard with your therapeutic diet.
  • His thoughts on MS when they started talking about marriage in their relationship. 

Tune in and be sure to share your thoughts on today’s topic below. We love to hear from you! And join the conversation on Instagram with your fellow autoimmune besties at

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