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Season 1 Episode 5: Talking with Family & Friends About Autoimmune Life

Talking with Family & Friends about Autoimmune Life
Talking with Family & Friends about Autoimmune Life

Do your family and friends understand what it’s like to live with autoimmune disease? If they’re blessed enough to have good health and we hope they are, the answer is likely no. They often get the closest look into our daily lives with symptoms, flares, and the endless commitment to diet and lifestyle habits; but it’s hard for someone else to truly understand an invisible disease. 

On this episode, we’re diving into those important conversations to have with family and friends and how to establish healthy, ongoing communications. 

Today’s episode highlights: 

  • How to have those initial conversations with your family about your diagnosis 
  • Tips for ongoing communications with your family and friends when you’re struggling
  • Strategies for handling people who doubt you and your symptoms

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