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AIP Road Trip Tips

AIP Road Trip Tips

When I first started my AIP way of life years ago, I had no idea how to combine AIP with my love of travel.

In fact, it seemed almost impossible.

Nevertheless, I trusted in my ability to figure out a way to continue to support my health through AIP when I travel.

Fast forward to today, I look back at all of the times I traveled AIP and all of the ways I traveled AIP in awe.

The best part?  Traveling with my AIP way of life helps me to feel my best and frees me to soak up every minute of my trips with my loved ones!

In this article, I am breaking down how I AIP road trip for you.

How I plan, what gadgets I pack, examples of food I pack, and more.

AIP Road Tips:  Make a List Before You Go

At least a few days to a week before my road trip, I sit down with a pen and paper (I’m old school like that) and plan:

  • How many days I will be gone
  • How many meals I need to pack based on the length of time I am gone and eating three meals a day
  • If I want to eat out at all, and if so, I research gluten free or paleo restaurants in the area
  • What I want to eat based on if I am staying in a hotel without a kitchen or a condo/somewhere with a kitchen
  • If there are any special AIP snacks or desserts I’d like to bring and if so, do I need to go buy any, order any online, or  make any?
  • How many supplements to pack
  • What kitchen tools/gadgets to pack
  • If I need to do any meal prep before the trip or if I have enough meals on hand in my freezer to cover my trip
  • If I need to pack any paper plates, paper towels, utensils, a little thing of dish soap to wash any dishes in my hotel room, etc
  • What meals I need to pack for eating on the road there and back
  • Do I have a couple of meals left in my freezer for when I get home from my trip?

Making this list eases my mind, ensures I pack enough nutrient dense foods to fuel my body during the trip, and sets me up for AIP travel success!

AIP Road Trip Tips: My Go-To AIP Travel Gadgets

AIP travel is not just about planning and packing my meals and snacks.  It’s also about figuring out how to store my food, keep my food cold, warm my meals up, and more.

Here’s how I do it:

  • I use glass snap ware to store my individual meals in.  I always double meals when I cook, and portion out the leftovers into individual meals in glass snap ware.  I keep one or two portions in the fridge for leftovers, then I put the remaining portions in the freezer (after cooling) for a future trip or busy days when life happens.  This is my favorite kind of glass snap ware.  Costco usually carries a big set of it at a great price!
  • I keep my food cold in one of my coolers.  I use different coolers for different trips, based on the mode of travel and the length of the trip.
    • I use a cooler like this for day trips or quick overnight trips.
    • This cooler I use for 2-3 night road trips.
    • This backpack cooler I use for 2-3 night air travel trips.
    • I use a knock off Yeti cooler for longer trips (I bought it for $25 when purchasing furniture – random I know!  I didn’t see the one I have online but this is kind of what it looks like).
    • If I am packing food for my whole family for a number of days, I have a huge knock off of this Yeti cooler that I bought at Costco that is amazing!  I bought it years ago.
  • I heat my food up in a Hot Logic portable oven.  I have the mini size, and it is one of my favorite things I own!  I use it all the time for day trips as well as travel and eating AIP on the go.  I simply plug it in, put my meal in it (I take the plastic lid off the glass snap ware), and let it heat up.  Heads up:  it takes awhile to heat up so I allow it usually at least an hour for a defrosted meal.  I do not have an outlet in my car so I purchased an adaptor.
  • If I make smoothies, I pack and use a Nutri-bullet.
  • I use this Thermos to keep a meal I eat on the day I travel warm (I simply heat up the meal before I go, and put it in there).  I love this Thermos because it comes with a foldable spoon in the lid.  I also use a Thermos for any day trips while traveling.

AIP Road Trip Tips:  It Gets Easier

While everything I’ve shared may seem like hard work, keep in mind that once you have all your AIP travel gadgets and your AIP travel process down, you’re all set for future trips!

The good news?  Each trip will get easier and easier and easier.

In time, you’ll be able to throw together a last minute trip like it’s the easiest and most natural thing in the world!

Give it time, and you will find what works best for you each time you travel.


AIP Road Trip Tips:  AIP Travel Mindset

I don’t know about you, but in my pre-AIP days, a HUGE part of my travel revolved around food.

I’m talking junk food.  As in, bring on the pool side nachos, the bottomless Cherry Cokes, the burgers with all the things, and ALL the desserts.

So it felt all kinds of hard for me to imagine traveling without my old favorite foods.

What helped me?

Shifting my mindset.

Recognizing those foods hurt my health, triggered my autoimmune symptoms, and made me feel like crap.

Acknowledging that feeling healthy is way more important to me than the way any food tastes.

Trusting that traveling while supporting my health will be MORE enjoyable than ever.

Focusing on enjoying the people I am with and the places I travel to, rather than eating all the things.

Finding AIP meals, snacks, and desserts that I truly love to bring with me.

Looking ahead of the trip for gluten free or paleo restaurants I feel comfortable eating out at  while traveling.

Feeling gratitude for my health that enables me to travel.

Celebrating my victories and how far I’ve come.

And more.

Mindset shifts are not easy, and it took me time.

Please be kind to yourself and focus on progress over perfection.

Surround yourself with loads of self love and self care.

Remind yourself that change is hard and that sometimes you will fall short…and that’s normal.  Dare to get up again and keep trying.  Trust in your ability to figure things out.

Sending You Lots of Love and Support

Not road tripping, but traveling by plane or heading out on a cruise?  I’ve got you covered too!  Click here for more AIP travel tips and click here for my AIP cruise tips!

Please know I am sending you loads of love and support.

I know this life on AIP is not easy.  It can feel ALL kinds of hard, especially at first.

Traveling on AIP can feel so lonely and frustrating at first.

That’s okay.  It is okay, because there’s a way through the fear, heartbreak, loneliness, and frustration.

But it takes time.

Learning how to travel on AIP can truly be a game changer.

Spoiler alert:  it won’t be easy at first.

Give it a try.

You’ll be so glad you did.

Big hugs!


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