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FREE Autoimmune Protocol AIP Food Journal

Free Autoimmune Protocol AIP Food Journal!



The autoimmune protocol (AIP) is not a one size fits all perfect template that every autoimmune warrior will have the same experience with.



Just as every autoimmune disease is unique, every autoimmune warrior’s nutritional and lifestyle requirements are unique.



If you are not finding the results you hoped to on the AIP diet, I encourage you to keep an autoimmune protocol AIP food journal for a minimum of three to five days.



Track everything you put into your mouth, as well as your water intake, energy levels, moods, movement, digestion, digestive reactions, and sleep habits.



You can track your autoimmune protocol AIP food journal on a blank piece of paper, on your phone, or on a spreadsheet. Or, you can download a FREE AIP Food Journal here:




After tracking your food and lifestyle habits for a minimum of three to five days, put on your detective cap and ask yourself questions like:


Are you getting in a variety of properly prepared, nutrient dense foods?

Do your energy levels dip after you eat certain foods?

Do you have a digestive reaction after eating certain foods? 

Do you feel better when you eat more healthy fats? 

Do you feel worse when you eat certain types of foods? 

Do you feel better or worse when eating starchy vegetables?

Are you not eating enough food? 

Do you feel best when you eat three larger meals or 4-6 smaller meals?

Or did you not realize you are not moving enough?

Are you having regular bowel movements on certain days but not others?

Is your sleep suffering?

Do you need to add more gut healing foods to your diet?


From there, make any nutrition or lifestyle adjustments as necessary.


Customize the AIP diet and lifestyle protocols to meet your individual needs.


This autoimmune journey you are on is your own, but I am honored to walk this path with you, and cheer you on!



You’ve got this!

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