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FREE AIP Elevator Pitch and AIP Allergy Card!

FREE AIP Elevator Pitch and AIP Allergy Card!

Starting the autoimmune protocol (AIP) can feel overwhelming. Not only learning to eat AIP, but also explaining AIP to family and friends, and learning to eat out on the AIP.

I am SO excited to offer you two FREE resources that will hopefully make both explaining AIP to others, and eating out on the AIP, easier!

FREE AIP Elevator Pitch

Do you feel uncertain when someone asks you about your new eating habits??

Do you find yourself wondering where to start and how much to explain??

I’ve created a quick and easy AIP Elevator Pitch to help you with just that!

FREE AIP Allergy Card

Ready to try to start eating out on the AIP, but worried about how to explain your eating needs to your server??

Perhaps you are wondering if in the moment you will be able to remember the major AIP food exclusions, figure out if the restaurant even has an option you CAN eat, and what about cross contamination??

I totally get it! I felt the same way when I felt ready to eat out on the AIP!

First, I recommend reading my blog post Eating Out on the Autoimmune Protocol (AIP).

Next, I recommend downloading my FREE AIP Allergy Card you can take with you to restaurants!!

The FREE AIP Allergy Card includes a summary of the major AIP food exclusions, a note about cross contamination, as well as a recommendation for ordering an AIP meal at a restaurant!

Simply print out the AIP Allergy Card, and cut and laminate it, if desired. Viola! You can take the Allergy Card with you to restaurants to give to your server, the manager, and/or the chef! You can print off as many copies as you need!

Grab these FREEBIES!

To receive my FREE AIP Elevator Pitch and FREE AIP Allergy Card, simply enter your name and email address below for instant access/download!

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Comments (5)

I am new to AIP and your video’s have been very helpful, Thank you! I would love to have access to your Allergy card.

Thank you.

Shanna Nemrow

You’re welcome Karen! I am so glad. For access to the Allergy card, simply fill in the form above and then it will be emailed to you. Big hugs!

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